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Matt Hamilton
"The folks at Part Time Business Partners provide insights that only a business owner could and they have worked as hard at making my business successful as I suspect they did theirs. I’m grateful.”
Outdoor Inc.
Joey Tubbs
"Clay Dennis has been a tremendous asset to our business. He has helped us triple our revenue in one year. Also he has helped us get organized, define our processes, and set our culture. I highly recommend Clay Dennis and Part--Time Business Partners."
Joey Tubbs
RSW Chattanooga
chattanooga coaching
"We hired Clay and his team a few months ago to help us professionalize some of our systems and procedures. I have been so amazed at the progress he has helped us make in a relatively short time. He is thoughtful, responsive, and very patient with us. His advice and mentorship have changed our business and the experience of our team and clients that are a part of it indefinitely!"
Hannes DeWet
TreeWorx LLC.
Phil Monroe
"Last year I was a mess – disorganized, stressed-out, not sure where I and the company were headed. Clay helped me straighten out my books, figure out where my money was being spent, developed a new website, etc. Here’s the part I like: Gross sales over the same time period last year: Up 48%. Net profit: Up 40%. Profits are up, and my blood pressure is down. I couldn’t recommend them more highly."
The Appliance Doctor
"Clay has been extremely diligent in working with me and my team to get all of our systems and processes tightened up to prepare for growth. He has a strong ability to take the things we have learned organically over the years and help to build written processes. Additionally, he has helped us get focused on the key indicators in our business that are already making us more profitable."
Xtrax Carpet Cleaning
Zack Cross
"Without a clear understanding of your business, growth and efficiency is hard to achieve. Clay helped us set goals, challenged us to think outside of our norms, and found several critical areas that helped us improve profitability. He’s understanding, caring, and genuine. I can’t recommend him enough."
Zack Cross
Southern Charm Clothing
WIll Wilkinson
"Clay has consistently provided good advice, given clear insight, and planted the seeds of leadership that have helped our company to grow. I know that every time I call, I’ll get sound business guidance."
INteractive ID
Jedd Davis
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Clay and his team have coached me in two different business roles over the past 4+ years. In the first role, he helped us grow our business from thousands to millions of dollars in revenue while building systems and processes for sustained profitability. Now, Clay is coaching me through starting a new business. His wisdom, network and real-life experiences are priceless, and I am confident that I would not be the business leader that I am now without his help.
Branch Excavation LLC.
Tyler Schievelhud
“Although we have been blessed with a good crew and a plentiful customer base, I was struggling with helping my business get to the next level. Clay and his team have helped me to build a strong foundation and guide my business in a better more profitable direction. As a small business owner, I often feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities that plague me from day to day and it is a relief to know these guys are here to help.”
Tyler Schievlehud
Lumberjacks Tree Service
business coaching
“PTBP has helped us develop best business practices and processes necessary to take our retail operations to the next level of performance. They have a ‘boots on the ground approach’ and have given us very genuine personal service. They are not satisfied until they know their clients are showing success with what they have developed. Their diverse expertise has greatly helped with our broad range of needs.”
United States Stove Company
Ryan Pappas
"PTBP has opened my eyes to the realties of being a business owner. For years I have provided a service and then simply waited on payment. PTBP has unveiled to me how much more there is to successfully operating a healthy and prosperous business. I have personally been fascinated and impressed with how they are always there when you need them. PTBP is a great investment for any business owner. The help, guidance, and insight that you obtain from their services is immeasurably valuable."
Ryan Pappas
Fleet Mobile Services
Business consulting
"Part Time Business Partners helped us assess problems and where they were actually coming from in our video production business. Clay did a remarkable job at slowing it down, breaking down the processes, quickbooks and accounting, and showing us the true numbers and costs behind our business we hadn’t been able to see before. After working with them, I feel confident that I understand where we are, that I know the right steps for moving forward, and I feel like I have a killer coach in my corner."
Blue Potato Media
George Linden
"I worked with Clay and Charlotte Dennis at Southern Hearth and Patio. Clay and Charlotte successfully grew Southern Hearth and Patio through sound business practices, strong vendor and customer relationships, and the willingness to take calculated risks to expand their business. They both have a solid business acumen, coaching skills, and an entrepreneurial spirit. I highly recommend Part Time Business Partners for anyone looking to start a business or grow and existing business."
George Linden
Retired Executive
Tanis Lee
“Clay and his team went above and beyond for us. They put in tremendous effort to help us evaluate, progress, and leverage our efforts and weren’t afraid to use brutal honesty when necessary. They have a very beneficial system utilizing their talents to help give insight and assistance to any business type. I’ve enjoyed working with them and our time spent with them was very well spent.”
Tanis Lee
Kim Moore
"Clay and John helped me with a career change and I can honestly say I could have never managed it without their help. They were there every step of the way, not only to get the process completed, but to pick me up when I questioned myself and to give me direction when I thought I was lost. Thanks PTBP for helping me with this life changing move!"
Kim Cox
Office Administrator
business consulting
“They helped me realize how important valuing your employees as assets and how important your VISION is. I’ve learned a lot of valuable information and it is well worth the time and effort. Honorable, caring, successful men who really care about you and your success!”
C&M Disposal
Jill Christy
“Over the past few months, I’ve gleaned pragmatic approaches to my business and built incentives directly related to productivity. I’ve organized my goals and I’ve refined my vision with clarity and purpose. Without the collaborative work of PTBP, these things would’ve remained in a foggy cloud of mere intentions.”
Jill Christy
Jill Christy Real Estate Team
Casey Bryant
"Clay and his team have helped me tremendously grow my business! The thoughtfulness, advice, and learning from their own failures is so valuable. Clay’s expertise in systems, and mapping out your goals made a huge impact on how I make decisions. Let’s be honest, working “on” your business instead of “in” your business takes a lot of sacrifice, but man is it worth it!"
Benchmark Mortgage
Justin Cox
“Clay and his team have helped me to see the potential my company currently holds and providing me the coaching necessary to obtain my goals. I can already see growth and it is EXCITING!”
Cox Concrete
Chattanooga Coaching
"Clay has worked tirelessly to help us understand what we needed to move beyond our first year with clear goals to propel us into the future. He has been able to link us with other business professionals including someone to improve and upgrade our website, insurance needs, Google reviews and event planning. He has been invaluable bringing direction and leadership to our family which allows each member to focus on strengths within the company. There is now a calm and peaceful feeling among us where before we were all trying to make decisions and stepping on each other's toes. I am so happy we found Clay and I would highly recommend his services."
Stacy Spurgeon
American 4WD & Outfitters
Tim White
"If you’re like me and put so much effort into your small business that starting over would never be an option, invest in the security of it by calling PTBP. I can guarantee you that Clay will save you more than you pay him monetarily, and what you’ll gain in peaceful nights rest and time watching your kids grow up will be unmeasurable. Without any reservation whatsoever, I highly recommend Clay, and Part Time Business Partners."
Tim White
Southern Guardian Roofing
Chattanooga Business Coaching
"Clay and his team have been very professional, bringing great insight into our company. Especially in the areas of operation and organization. They have done a great job helping us identify areas of improvement and implementing strategies and plans for overcoming those obstacles and growing as a business. I would highly recommend Clay and his team. They offer a fresh perspective backed by years of experience and expertise."
David Messenger
The Signature Group
Jeremy Songer
"Clay and Part Time Business Partners is a great resource for anyone trying to go the next level. Clay provided relevant wisdom to enhance the digital presence I was working toward."
Pastor Jeremy Songer
Cubed Living Ministries
Small Business Coaching
“Part Time Business Partners helped us reduce the everyday chaos and put us back in control of our business.”
Becky Justice
Kentucky T-Shirt Company
Chattanooga business coaching
"I've been working with Clay weekly for the past seven months. He has been attentive to how I learn and understand and has worked with me to help me understand revenue goal/ tracking for our company. Highly recommend!"
Stephen King
Urban Tree Service
"Working with Clay is not like working with any other advisor. He is personally invested in your success both on a business and personal level. His program structure is based on your needs not a predesigned format. He is very open minded, and I never feel like my goals are not relevant or that my questions are stupid. Clay’s calm demeanor is always supportive and encouraging. He goes above and beyond to assure you have the tools and knowledge to be successful and meet your goals."
Dwayne Alborn
Freedom Home Care
Amber Kay
"Clay is motivating and clear in his approach to help you understand your business better and accomplish goals both short and long term. I have enjoyed working with him and have learned a lot in the process."
Amber Kay
Rock Spring CPA
"Clay was very helpful in helping me with a couple projects. I would certainly recommend him."
Paul Ridgeway
Making Moves Movers
Madison Power Washing
"I met Clay by washing his roof and house over a year ago. Clay's business is top notch and you won't be disappointed. If you're looking to grow your business and be a step ahead, call Clay. He's super knowledgeable and friendly and actually cares about your Business."
David Madison
Madison Power Washing
Carter Parham
“Clay and John were so helpful and nurturing in their assistance with my business merger. I appreciate their diligence and hands-on approach to guide us through the process of moving our business in a new direction".
Carter Parham
Parham Landscaping
Dustin Hedrick
"Great having Clay on board for 3 months. He was able to get me straight to the basics of Accounting, something I never really learned, and coached me on better ways to track business results. Clay is gracious with his time, and has a wide reach in the Chattanooga business community. His rate is fair and has something for every size business."
Dustin Hedrick
Channel to Channel
Hunter Sorenson
"I’m a relatively young business owner and gaining some insight on ways that I can improve my business through budgeting, tracking and implementing new systems and processes are just the beginning of how Clay Dennis has helped me out! I look forward to continuing building a relationship with him as you can tell he genuinely cares for people and has a passion for helping businesses grow and thrive! Can’t say enough good things about this man and his work!"
Hunter Sorenson
911 Junk Out
Jon kinworthy
Clay is very professional and disciplined around KPI's, numbers, budgeting and process mapping. He also brings insight into correctly writing job descriptions and takes the ambiguity out of people and their work.
Jon Kinworthy
SGO Glass
Chattanooga business coaching
We decided to contact Clay at the beginning of this year, just to see what we could improve on. And after just over a month of coaching with him, I've told my husband multiple times, "where has Clay been all our lives?!" He jumped right in and has truly become a part-time business parter for our business. We have regular meetings and communication with him, and he is the perfect go-to person for unexpected issues that come up, helps analyze new services, pricing, operations, and all other logistics. We are very thankful for this partnership and can't wait to continue seeing how our business will change and grow. Thank you Clay!
Genette Dugger
Creative Revolver
Chattanooga Business Mentoring
Most business owners have products and/or services that they obsess over, but, neglect the vehicle to get it to the people (the business itself). Clay has a knack for helping guide us business owners to give said vehicle the attention, love, and maintenance it deserves. His help continues to produce and I am super grateful. Thanks Clay!
Dr. Josh Paxton
Paxton Family Chiropractic
Business Coaching Chattanooga
"I was referred to Clay, and I am so glad I called. He has been a huge support with a vast knowledge which has helped me feel more confident in running my business effectively and efficiently. If you're new to business or like myself, not familiar with the details of running a business, then call him!!!"
James Halleran
JSH Mechanical