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Are you facing the 4 big problems that stall small business growth?

Having a part time business partner for a coach is one of the most powerful ways of developing your people, increasing productivity and adding to the bottom line of your business.

No Long-Term Direction

Complete lack of or confusing business mission that doesn't inspire or motivate anyone.

Little or Poor Financial Reporting

Failure to create or even understand vital reports that tell you what is going wrong and when.

Lack of Business Processes

Confusing or ill-communicated operational processes that amount to barely organized chaos.

Lack of Employee Accountability

Having the wrong people in the wrong seats and not being able to hold them accountable.

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We help businesses work smarter and grow faster.

By partnering with us, you can experience accelerated and amplified growth for your small business. Together, we will focus on clarifying your mission, optimizing your marketing efforts, increasing sales, refining your product offerings, streamlining operations, and fortifying your cash flow.

Become the leader your business needs.

As a leader, your top priority is the long-term direction of your company. Your employees need you to have a clearly defined vision. We'll help you with the structure, training and resources to develop and communicate exactly that.

Structure your business for success.

Once you can communicate your vision for the future, we'll partner with you to strengthen the internal infrastructure your company requires, like processes, leadership and employee development and more.

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More than 50 companies rely on us for coaching!

Who We Are

We coach from real experience, not just a templated program.

We offer a new concept for business coaching that combines traditional and trusted methods with real world business leadership experience. We work with business owners and leaders to define and communicate their long-term objectives, help them implement needed changes, and help create accountability measures to easily measure progress. 

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"Clay helped me achieve a 22% increase in gross profit!"

Jon Kinworthy

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A recent client survey revealed ...

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Real Testimonials

"37% increase in gross sales compared to last year; and a 16% increase in net profit!"

“We are so excited to see how much growth our business has had this year! 37% increase in gross sales compared to 2022; 16% increase in net profit; but the most exciting part to us is that Clay helped us learn to delegate more (without losing money!) so we could step back from the day to day operations and breathe a little better. We hired more employees, promoted existing ones, had a 65% increase in payroll costs, yet we MAINTAINED our gross and net profit margins from 2022, even with the added expenses.”

-Genette Dugger
Owner, Creative Revolver, Chattanooga, Tn.

What We Offer

We partner with you, every step of the way.

Clay and his team work with business owners and executives to develop long-term goals, help them implement needed changes, then create accountability measures to easily track the progress of these changes along the way.

Leadership Development

A personalized one-on-one experience where we guide you and move you towards your professional goals. We'll help you help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and develop needed business acumen.

Strengthen Fundementals

We'll help you discover the weeknesses in your business and what's causing your biggest frustrations. Things like inefficient processes, trouble with employees and even money issues, then show you where to make improvements.

Inspire Your Employees

We'll show you how to improve trust among your employees, develop new skills, and strengthen relationships. We have more than 25 years of experience in employee development, and we offer personalized solutions tailored to your team's needs.

Level Up Sales Coaching

Our sales coaching programs are designed from nearly 30 years of experience to help your salespeople achieve their potential and exceed their goals. Our approach focuses on skill development, resulting in transformative results.

CEO / Peer Groups Coaching

Our group coaching programs offer the opportunity for business owners to engage with other like-minded individuals. Our Compass Groups expose participants to different perspectives that can become game-changing for support and accountability.

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With customized coaching packages and no long-term contracts, what’s stopping you from hiring a Part Time Business Partner today?

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