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Changing times often call for changing strategies. We can help you quit old habits and implement new ways stay in business.

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If you’re tired of fighting daily battles with your employees, we can help you learn to lead your team into working together.

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The How and The Why

After selling his company and searching for direction in retirement, Clay Dennis was handed a book by his longtime friend and risk advisor, John Ballinger. In this book, Nearing Home: Life, Faith and Finishing Well, Billy Graham wrote that after a lifetime of God’s blessings, experiences and lessons, simply retiring should not be the goal of getting older. As “elders,” we have a responsibility to pass on our lessons learned for the benefit of others coming behind us. It was this book that inspired the formation of Part Time Business Partners, as Clay and John clearly understood their responsibility to help others by mentoring, coaching and advising small business owners in need.


Small Business Ownership: 63 years
Leadership and Management: 70 years
Developing Others: 40 years
Risk Management: 25 years