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Helping Create the Change Your Company Needs

What We Do

Part Time Business Partners exists to help today's business owners and managers navigate their way through the everyday challenges of business. No one can be expected to know everything about everything, and you have worked hard to become experts in your field while other areas like personnel development, accounting, efficient processes and internal controls continue to drive you crazy. We've been there before too. We've been in your shoes and we're dedicated to helping you reduce those stresses by systematically addressing them one by one to bring you a better work / life balance. 

Why We Do it

Did you know that today’s business owners are overworked and ill-prepared for an ever-changing market landscape, often unable to grow their business because of weak foundational principles?

  • 29% owners work 50 + Hours per week.

  • 86% work weekends.       

  • 20% miss more than 3 Dr.'s visits / year.

  • 60% take less than 1 week vacation / year.

  • 23% take less than 2 days off / year.

  • 50% eat only one meal at home a day.

In Fact...

 Only 40% of small businesses are profitable,  30% break even and 30% lose money.


"PTBP has helped us develop best business practices and processes necessary to take our retail operations to the next level of performance. They have a "boots on the ground approach" and have given us very genuine personal service. They are not satisfied until they know their clients are showing success with what they have developed. Their diverse expertise has greatly helped with our broad range of needs."

—  Jim C. United States Stove Company

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