We can help you overcome most cash-flow problems

Are you sleepless at night, worried about cashflow and making payroll? Are there some months you don’t get paid because everything else comes first. No matter how much is coming in, it’s never enough?

We can help you overcome employee accountability issues

Does it seems like it would be easier to do it all yourself than manage your employees? We help you clearly define each position’s role and how to hold people accountable to meeting your expectations.

We can help you overcome time management problems

Does it feels like you’re always busy, but not making any progress on your goals? Are you too busy putting out fires? We can help you learn how to work ON your business daily, not just IN your business.

What's it like working with Clay and John?


Our client's average increase in revenue within the first 12 months!
Our client's average increase in gross profits within the first 12 months!
Our client's average increase in repeat customer interactions within the first 12 months!

How we got here and why we do what we do

After selling his company and searching for direction in retirement at 48, Clay was handed a book by his longtime friend and risk advisor, John Ballinger. In this book, Nearing Home: Life, Faith and Finishing Well, Billy Graham wrote that after a lifetime of God’s blessings, experiences and lessons, simply retiring should not be the goal of getting older. As “elders,” we have a responsibility to pass on our lessons learned for the benefit of others coming behind us. It was this book that inspired the formation of Part Time Business Partners, as he more clearly understood his responsibility to help others by mentoring, coaching and advising the next generation of small business owners.


Small Business Ownership: 63 years
Leadership and Management: 70 years
Developing Others: 40 years
Risk Management: 25 years