About Us

Who We Are

We use our experience to benefit others.

Part Time Business Partners was founded to help guide you and others to success without wearing themselves out in the process.

Having spent nearly 30 years in small business ownership and leadership roles, I know all too well the pain points owning a business can bring. In fact, by 20I5, I had worked myself so hard that I had developed high blood pressure that had led to kidney disease. Yet, I was lucky. My company was well positioned for me to exit on my own terms, largely because of the many godly men and women that had helped coach and mentor me over the years. After selling my business in 2017 and retiring at 47, I came to realize that God’s plan for me was to share the experiences He had helped me through for the benefit of others… And Part Time Business Partners was born.

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Your Business Can Be Everything You Want It To Be

With customized coaching packages and no long-term contracts, what’s stopping you from hiring a Part Time Business Partner today?

Our Vision

We envision a world where entrepreneurs are well equipped to navigate the everyday stresses of owning a business, where businesses can succeed and thrive through sound foundational principles.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use our experience in business to help others find financial freedom and meaning in their work, to inspire those they employ and to create a healthy balance between work and life.

Our Commitment

We're committed to helping businesses owners improve, regardless of their current financial position, the current level of disarray they may find themselves in or the number of people they employ.

Meet our team

Experts who can help you achieve success in all aspects of your business operations.

Clay Dennis Coaching

Clay Dennis

Coach / Mentor

Clay Dennis Coach / Mentor

Founder, Part Time Business Partners

Charlotte Dennis Queen of Admin

QuickBooks Certified Advisor

Will Wilkinson

Affiliate Partner

Will Wilkinson Affiliate Partner

Interactive ID Web Design and Marketing

Sarah Holdren Affiliate Partner

Careful Keeper Bookkeeping Services

What we stand for

The building blocks that define our company's code of conduct.

Defining a company’s core values helps everyone, employees and customers alike, to understand clearly what they can expect and what is expected of them. Here are ours:


We will be honest in every interaction we have, no matter what.


We have the courage to assist in even the most difficult situations.


We exist to serve others. Our success is only proven by our client's success.

Constant Improvement

We will always be looking for a better way to do things.

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Navigating business challenges, together

The results of our coaching can be found in the successes of our clients. Our coaching offers one of the most powerful ways of developing people and adding to bottom line business performance. 

A recent survey of our clients reported the following benefits from the coaching they received:


Better understood their financials
Have better communications with employees
Reduced unnecessary expenses
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business coaching Tennessee
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business coaching Tennessee
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Real Testimonials

"Our net profit has nearly DOUBLED!"

“Clay and his team have helped us get the right people and systems in place, and the know how required to keep them going. He’s helped us to develop make-sense KPIs for each position and now we are seeing our gross profit nearly DOUBLED! We used to just pour concrete, now we can pour AND run a functional and strategically sound operation.”

-Justin Cox
Owner, Cox Concrete, Chattanooga, Tn.

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What could YOU accomplish with a Part Time Business Partner?