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How to reduce employee drama.

Employee drama can create a toxic work environment, affecting morale, productivity, and overall team dynamics. As a responsible and proactive organization, it is crucial to address and manage employee drama effectively. By promoting open communication, setting clear expectations, and fostering a positive company culture, employers can minimize drama and cultivate a harmonious workplace for everyone involved. 1. Encourage Open Communication: Open lines of communication serve as a foundation for resolving conflicts and preventing drama. Establish

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"We've seen tangible results, 18% increase in profit margin and increasing revenue by 15%!"

“Clay have done a great job helping us identify areas of improvement and implementing strategies and plans for overcoming those obstacles and growing as a business. We’ve seen tangible results, 18% increase in profit margin as well as reducing excess costs by 7% and increased revenue by 15%. I would highly recommend Clay and his team. They offer a fresh perspective backed by years of experience and expertise..”

-Phil Monroe
Owner, The Appliance Doctor, Knoxville, Tn.

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