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Use “Turn Signals” to avoid disasters at work.

In traffic, when drivers make sudden changes in direction without notice, it creates havoc for those following them. But when those drivers use turn signals, those around them can make necessary adjustments and avoid potential disasters. Similarly, as a leader at work, your team is working in sync with you in the office. Each person around you is working on projects and timelines to support your previous instructions. Making last minutes changes to schedules or

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"We've seen tangible results, 18% increase in profit margin and increasing revenue by 15%!"

“Clay have done a great job helping us identify areas of improvement and implementing strategies and plans for overcoming those obstacles and growing as a business. We’ve seen tangible results, 18% increase in profit margin as well as reducing excess costs by 7% and increased revenue by 15%. I would highly recommend Clay and his team. They offer a fresh perspective backed by years of experience and expertise..”

-Phil Monroe
Owner, The Appliance Doctor, Knoxville, Tn.

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