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The owner's chair can be a lonely place to be. When you work with me, you're getting a business partner who has your back.

1:1 coaching

We meet weekly to strategize and implement changes that will get your business from where it is now to where you want it to be.

My NEtwork

Working with me, you'll gain access to a network of business professionals from over 20 years in business to help make your life easier.

Clay Dennis Coaching


I'll help you learn to overcome many of the challenges of owning a growing business, like learning to better understand your books and decreasing employee drama.


My coaching isn't just two hours a week. I'm also available for phone calls or texts when you need me, as well as extra meetings when necessary.

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 Coaching business owners to better understand their books.

  • Get better at reading what your P+L and other reports are really trying to tell you.
  • Learn to overcome issues like cash flow and even out seasonality concerns.
  • Set goals and budgets to help show when you are progressing and when you aren’t.
  • Learn to track gross margin so you’ll know when it’s time to make changes, like raising prices to keep up with cost increases.  

 Coaching sales teams to better understand their customers.

  • Learn to maximize opportunities with each customer, increasing your average sale.
  •  Learn to address most sales objections before they even come up, increasing your closing ratios.
  • Salespeople always do better with sales target goals. Learn to set revenue and margin goals and track progress weekly and monthly. 
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Coaching you through common employee issues to help reduce drama.

  • Learn how to hold employees accountable to your standards. If they don’t want to improve, show them the door.
  • Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your employees, ensuring you’ve got the right people in the right seats. Utilizing strengths leads to happier employees.
  • Increase communication with meetings where everyone contributes, not just attends and leaves.

Coaching you how to improve processes and create new ones where needed.

  • Chaos forms from lack of consistent processes. Creating a mappable, teachable process for key systems helps to relieve chaos and constantly repeated mistakes. 
  • We can review processes you may not even know you have, like how customers find you, how your phone calls are answered and how your sales people follow up.
  • We’ll map and track our changes to prove that things are improving or continue adjusting the processes until they do.

What Clients Say

Will Wilkinson Chattanooga PTBP
"Clay has consistently provided good advice, given clear insight, and planted the seeds of leadership that have helped our company to grow. I know that every time I call, I’ll get sound business guidance."
Interactive ID, Inc.
chattanooga coaching
"I have been so amazed at the progress he has helped us make in a relatively short time. He is thoughtful, responsive, and very patient with us. His advice and mentorship have changed our business and the experience of our team and clients that are a part of it indefinitely!"
Hannes DeWett
TreeWorx LLC.
Chattanooga Business Coaching
"Without a clear understanding of your business, growth and efficiency is hard to achieve. Clay helped us set goals, challenged us to think outside of our norms, and found several critical areas that helped us improve profitability. He’s understanding, caring, and genuine. I can’t recommend him enough."
Zack Cross
Southern Charm Clothing

Helping you to plan for transitions, like expansion, selling or emergency exits.

  • Your business won’t last forever, and even if it did, you won’t. It’s important to think about and plan what the future holds for someday selling and retiring or what should happen to your company and employees if you were to leave suddenly. 
  • Developing a plan allows you to focus on your future and then set and achieve benchmarks along the way to make sure you are staying on track.

Helping you expand your network to lessen workloads and increase profits.

  • With more than 25 years in small business, I’ve developed a network of local and regional partners to help you with some of the tasks you dread the most, like bookkeepers, CPAs, business attorneys, bankers and web designers and more. 
  • The less time you spend on the tasks you hate, or aren’t good at, the more time you’ll have to be productive at things you’re a rockstar at doing.

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