About Me

Clay Dennis
Navy veteran coaching chattanooga

“Unlike most business coaches today, I actually know what it’s like to worry about making payroll.” 

“Part Time Business Partners’ solutions don’t come out of a box ready to plug and play. We pride ourselves on identifying your challenges quickly and designing strategies to address them, always keeping top of mind your business’s need for minimal disruption.

We know how it feels to be in the owner’s chair and now have years of experience actually working as a coach. This marriage of theory and practice is critical to our strategic approach. Combined, my team has over 50 years of hands-on problem-solving expertise behind them. That’s a lot of problems, and even more solutions.”

  Today, I’m certified by the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants® (AASBC®), the only global association specializing in training and certification of small business and SME consultants.

  • More than 26 years in small business

  • Started a company from scratch  

  • 2008 Small Business of the Year runner up

  • 2010 Small Business of the Year Winner 

  • Sold the company in 2017

  • Certified consultant by the AASBC

  • Started Part Time Business Partners in 2018


What's at our core?

Our Mission:

Every company needs a mission statement. A simple, memorable statement that guides and reminds everyone in the company, everyday, as to what they do and why. Every single word matters.

After months of contemplation, we found ours to be quite simple: 

Our mission is to share our years of experience in business to mentor and coach the next generation of business owners to achieve success.”

Our Core Values:


Be truthful in every interaction we have.


Always be looking for a better way to do things.


Do the right thing, always.


Strive to be better every single day.

Our Experience:

21 Years
23 Years
27 Years
23 Years

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