“I have known these guys for years. I have watched them build solid and profitable businesses and more importantly – build teams and leaders. If you are wanting to improve your business or as a leader you should definitely give them a call.”

Clint PowellAdvertising / Podcaster

“Over the past few months, I’ve gleaned pragmatic approaches to my business and built incentives directly related to productivity. I’ve organized my goals and I’ve refined my vision with clarity and purpose. Without the collaborative work of PTBP, these things would’ve remained in a foggy cloud of mere intentions.”

Jill ChristyReal Estate

“They helped me realize how important valuing your employees as assets and how important your VISION is. I’ve learned a lot of valuable information and it is well worth the time and effort. Honorable, caring, successful men who really care about you and your success!”

Tammy V. SmithC&M Disposal

“In a few short months, I have watched my business become more organized, structured and prepared to move forward.”

Toby ManifoldThe Dippin' Shop

Clay and his team have helped me tremendously grow my business! The thoughtfulness, advice, and learning from their own failures is so valuable. Clay’s expertise in systems, and mapping out your goals made a huge impact on how I make decisions. Let’s be honest, working “on” your business instead of “in” your business takes a lot of sacrifice, but man is it worth it!

Casey Bryant
Casey BryantMortgage Advisor, Benchmark Home Loans

“Clay and his team have helped me to see the potential my company currently holds and providing me the coaching necessary to obtain my goals. I can already see growth and it is EXCITING!”

Justin Cox
Justin CoxThe Signature Group

“Being provided with business coaching from people that actually built businesses for themselves, did a good job and most importantly – made money – is a real blessing. The folks at Part Time Business Partners provide insights that only a business owner could and they have worked as hard at making my business successful as I suspect they did theirs. I’m grateful.”

Matt Hamilton
Matt HamiltonOutdoor-Inc.

“The first rule to become a successful entrepreneur is to surround yourself with successful people. You are learning from a diverse group of successful business owners.”

Joseph WallerReify

“PTBP has helped us develop best business practices and processes necessary to take our retail operations to the next level of performance. They have a ‘boots on the ground approach’ and have given us very genuine personal service. They are not satisfied until they know their clients are showing success with what they have developed. Their diverse expertise has greatly helped with our broad range of needs.”

Jim ChildersUnited States Stove Company

The team at Part Time Business Partners has consistently provided good advice, given clear insight, and planted the seeds of leadership that have helped our company to grow. I know that every time I call, I’ll get sound business guidance. I use them as a sounding board. In turn, they’ve trusted us with their own clients through referral and stewarded both those clients and our team well as we work together for mutual gain. This is how business relationships should be.

We HIGHLY recommend that you contact PTBP yourself if you want: a proven process to get on track and plan an end goal; a push to be your best as a business owner, community leader, and better communicator; clear direction and precise feedback.

Will WilkinsonInteractive ID