They have been game changers for our business in several ways, team morale, sales and overall production.

Urban Tree
Dave PartackArborist, Urban Tree

Here’s the part I like: Gross sales over the same time period last year: Up 48%. Net profit: Up 40%. Profits are up, and my blood pressure is down. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Phil Monore
Phil MonroeOwner, The Appliance Doctor

PTBP has opened my eyes to the realties of being a business owner. For years I have provided a service and then simply waited on payment. PTBP has unveiled to me how much more there is to successfully operating a healthy and prosperous business. I have personally been fascinated and impressed with how they are always there when you need them. PTBP is a great investment for any business owner. The help, guidance, and insight that you obtain from their services is immeasurably valuable.

Fleet Mobile
Ryan PappasOwner, Fleet Mobile Services

Their experience, talents and system provide the insight all business owners need. I’ve enjoyed working with them over the many years.

Kerry Cofer
Kerry CoferTerritory Manager Payroll & HR

Clay and John helped me with a career change and I can honestly say I could have never managed it without their help. They were there every step of the way, not only to get the process completed, but to pick me up when I questioned myself and to give me direction when I thought I was lost. Thanks PTBP for helping me with this life changing move!

Kim Moore
Kim MooreOffice Administrator

Clay has not only helped our business in incredible ways, he also pushes and encourages me to achieve my goals and improve myself weekly. He and his team have given us insight and direction, and we’re on our way to great things since we teamed up with Part Time Business Partners!

Jedd Davis
Jedd DavisCox Concrete

I highly recommend Part Time Business Partners for anyone looking to start a business or grow and existing business.

George Linden
George LindenRetired Executive

“Clay and his team went above and beyond for us. They put in tremendous effort to help us evaluate, progress, and leverage our efforts and weren’t afraid to use brutal honesty when necessary. They have a very beneficial system utilizing their talents to help give insight and assistance to any business type. I’ve enjoyed working with them and our time spent with them was very well spent.”

Tanis LeeTanslee

“John Ballinger has the ability to inspire, lead others, and work as a team member. His diverse set of skills include: deep bench knowledge of his risk management, aviation and transportation logistics subject matter; strong analytical capabilities; and a keen perception and understanding of the personnel that he encounters in his work. John is hard-working, motivated and persistent.”


“John has combined his management, insurance, and leadership experience to create a win-win scenario for businesses and product/service providers. He and his team work to use the buying power of numerous businesses to obtain discounted prices on various products and services.”

Bob CuthbertsonServPro