Improve employee performance with better job descriptions.

If you are struggling to get your employees to do things when and the way you want them done, consider listing those tasks on that position’s job description. If you don’t have job descriptions for each position, it’s no wonder your employees aren’t always on the same page as you are regarding expectations.

A traditional job description usually spells out the purpose of the position, the expectations of the work required and the qualifications necessary to obtain that position. The problem is, most employees only see the job description when they are first hired, and it may be years before they see it again.

Here are 3 great tips to help employees be better in tuned to your expectations of them.

1. List regularly occurring tasks on their job description.

This creates a written and signed reference source that both you and your employee can refer to if confusion arises. You don’t have to list EVERY task, but certainly the ones that seem to be regularly overlooked or hastily done should be on there.

2. List attributes needed for each position on the job description.

Take the time to list the attributes a particular candidate should possess to succeed in a particular position. This will remind to ask questions about things like competencies math, leadership and even long term professional goals during the hiring process. It’s better to take some time and ask questions before hiring than to blame someone who’s failing at their job after they’ve been hired. If they aren’t a good fit for the job, don’t be mad at them. Remember, you’re the one who hired them!

3. Create a performance review that includes the tasks assigned on the job description.

Let everyone know that performance reviews will be in two weeks. Tell them to review their job descriptions for questions of what reviews will be based on. This will bring the importance of the tasks you are unhappy about to a much brighter light.

Use the review to correct any misalignment and re-review 30 to 90 days later.

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